EUSO official logo stands for the European Union Science Olympiad. This competition differs from other science Olympiads in three ways:

  1. the participants are 16 years of age or younger;
  2. it is a team competition;
  3. the skills in three areas – biology, chemistry and physics – are tested.

Therefor it is a great start for gifted young students from EU before participating in the International Science Olympiads and their careers.

More than twenty EU countries participate in EUSO and each country sends two (or occasionally one) teams of three students. The two-part competition is spread over two days and the duration of each part is four hours. Each task is a practical activity incorporating elements of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of the experiments, the team-working skills required and the potential for stimulating the uptake of science.

Objectives of the EUSO

The objectives of this Olympiad are:

Aims of the Competition

The aims of this competition are:

You can find the official website of EUSO here.